Monday, March 10, 2008

Ten on Ten :: March

Happy Tenth!!! This month we are taking a peek into Jenny's day, she decided to do a feet theme for her March installment. Head over to her blog to read all about her day spent at home. Jenny your photographs are really great and so inspiring!
I loved peeking at everyones pictures this evening, you are all so creative. I really had no idea that this project would take off but am just loving it! Maybe next month you might consider doing a theme like Jenny...Thanks so much for participating!


Jenny said... are good! I feel like I just posted ;)

Thanks for featuring me this week...I'm hoping to do a different sort of theme next month IF it's not too difficult.

I started thinking mid-way thru...really? more feet?

Trey, Kristina, Hans & Annika said...
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Trey, Kristina, Hans & Annika said...

Oh, I love this, Rebekah! Thanks for your inspiration. Nothing else short of crying babies has kept me up this late (past midnight) in ages, but I'm having so much fun w/ the 10 on 10!

Kristen said...

great shots, jenny, and such a fun idea to go with a theme. my favorite is the top one with that great wall color adding such a beautiful contrast in the background! nice work!

The Bostroms said...

great job rebekah:) you too jenny -very creative the whole feet thing... your theme idea had me thinking- i love the california trees i see each day (orange, eucalyptis, so many different palms, lemon...) maybe i'll do trees and flowers next month. (shows i am a true lover of california, but i can't get enough of our trees) thanks again rebekah for doing this.

Lisa Conmara said...

hi can anyone join in? and how?

Rebekah said...


anyone is welcome to join! Email me ( and I can give you all the details, love to have you!