Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ten on Ten :: July

This month I am so excited to be featuring a dear friend of mine, Katie! I not only admire this beautiful woman for the amazing wife and mother she is but also for the way that she loves everyone so well and manages all things in her life with such grace and makes it look so easy! When Katie is not with her son and husband or working hard at Teaching High School science you might be able to twist her arm into making you the worlds most amazing Strawberry Rhubarb pie - they are incredible I know from much experience! 
I just love how this set of photos turned out Katie, it captures Summer perfectly! Thanks for letting me feature you this month!! 
I am excited to make the rounds tonight and see all the beautiful, summery sets. I also wanted to mention a fun photo project that Anne-Krestene is doing right now called I Spy July. It is a really neat way to get your kids involved and could be a fun summer project. I have yet to make any contributions myself  but I thought I would put it out there in case anyone wanted to join her. Check it out here..Thanks everyone for participating today, Happy Photographing!


Jenny said...

thanks for featuring Katie..I couldn't comment on her blog so it's nice to be able to here! love the fun shots of kiddos in the sun...and do I spy some of Mandy's raspberries...jealous!

good work katie!

Ryan & Katie said...

Thanks for the sweet words Rebekah! You lifted my sprits today!!! Sorry about the comments Jenny - they may appear again . . . :)

Kristen said...

couldn't resist checking in for ten on ten! :)

katie, your photos are wonderful, really fun and summery. and i completely agree with what rebekah wrote about you. you are truly such a blessing to those who know you!

so perfect to feature this lady during her birthday month (happy birthday next week, katie!), and i love the shot you captured of her on your blog, rebekah. such a beautiful portrait!

my girl hazel said...

don't you just love summer photos!

4 Little Men & Twins said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog... i'm finally getting around to saying hi back. :) And you must be the one who started 10 on 10?! I love it! I've been 'trying' to remember to do this for months now. Aleah even keeps reminding me and I STILL forget. OY! Maybe one day. It's a great idea.

have a great day


itstooearly said...

Good description Rebekah. It looks like a good Sunday afternoon at the Nygard home! Cool Full Nelson shirt, I got to get one of those!