Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Tenth everyone! I hope that you all had a great time today capturing your lives through the camera lens. I am so looking forward to checking out every one's installments but this evening I am feeling quite crummy and need to head to bed a little earlier than usual. My sweet husband is going to step in tonight and give you a little peek of his day. He always likes to get a bit creative so I know whatever he does post it's going to be good! I could seriously go on and on about the man - he is one incredible guy and in a great band who has a new CD coming out soon so you should probably check that out as well :)! Thanks Chris for being my feature this month AND for posting it for me too!
Thanks to all of you who participated in the eleventh installment, only one more to go before we reach our goal for 2008! Happy photographing!!


knmthoughts said...

Hi there, I am a friend of JJ Kissinger's which is how I found out about this photo project. A while ago you put my name on the list of contributors but I changed the url of my blog. Just so you know if you'd like to change my blog for krysta to (it used to be

Anyway, thanks and hope you had a great Christmas!

orangepoppy said...

sure, thanks for letting me know!