Tuesday, June 9, 2009

join me tomorrow!!

just a little reminder to grab your camera's tomorrow morning and join me for the June installment of Ten on Ten. I am going to do a color theme so feel free to join me if you are looking for inspiration..choose your own color and have fun finding it throughout the day!

can't wait to check out your photos, have fun and happy photographing!


Shana said...

I am excited to give 10 on 10 a go tomorrow! I'm new to this blogging thing in general so I apologize if this sounds like a silly question, but how exactly do I "join" you? Is there a process to follow?

I really like your "theme" idea! What fun!

Shana said...

Oops! I just read your "the idea" section and I think I answered my silly question! Still excited to join you tomorrow!


I'm new to this too! I live in Australia so had already started taking my snaps. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

JodiJeanne said...

Had a great ten on ten today...thank you for the color theme!

I worked with color a bit; but always found my kids in front the lens.

-thanks jodi