Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ten on Ten :: July :: 2009/2008

Sorry for my small delay in updating the blog for this months installment. Our family decided to take a short but wonderful adventure to Hood Canal and we were away from internet access..

This month I thought it would be fun to post my pictures from Friday on the left and my shots from last July on the right. It makes such a fun comparison to see what our day last year looked like..funny that last year my set ended with a picture of Katie since I am thinking about her non stop right now, waiting for a certain baby girl to make her debut :) you Katie!

Thanks everyone for participating on Friday, we have several new friends joining us this month so a warm welcome to all of you! Make sure to get around and check out everyone's sets - I am still getting through them myself and enjoying the fun summery days you guys had!!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend! Happy photographing Friends!


Katie, Ryan, and Sean said...

that is funny! I didn't even recognize myself :) We are still hanging in there - literally. Glad you had a good weekend!

Matt and Joey said...

I forgot this month, but next month will be stellar, promise. :)

By the way, a girl who stumbled on my blog from Australia has started doing ten on ten. This thing is becoming a movement! You might want to add her to the links.

Rebekah, you are so full of great ideas. Glad this one has taken off.

ANDREA said...

Loved it! Thanks!

Casey said...

ugh, sorry to keep doing this to you Rebekah...but I swear I'll be updating my 10 on 10 on my new blog from now on :)