Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hello everyone! A few weeks ago Rebekah invited me to join her in this space as a co-facilitator of the Ten on Ten photo project. (I have a hunch a few more ladies may join us in the coming weeks and months, as additional hosts in this online space, which will be very fun!) So, here I am tonight, reminding you that tomorrow is the 10th! We hope you will participate, and take this opportunity to capture a day in your life through photography.

And just a note: Though basic guidelines for this project are outlined here (1 photo every hour for 10 consecutive hours, on the 10th of the month), feel free to adapt the "rules" to suit you. In other words: be creative, if you like! Maybe you will take ten photos, but not over the course of ten hours... Perhaps you will instate a theme for your day (like colors, or words, or portraits of loved ones, etc.). The point is to get your camera out and to enjoy seeing your life in a fresh way.

Cheers to you all, as you capture the beauty in the simple, ordinary things all around you this month!



Miss Sew & So said...

WOW i am hooked on this brilliant idea- of course it's now nearly 1pm and i have missed half the day- so am going to write myself a BIG BLACKBOARD note for next month...we are abroad on that day next month- pretty remote so dont know if i'd get my comp plugged in anywhere!!- how do i link up or do i save it for when i get back??

melissa :)

Amanda said...

Can I play? My ten on ten is up!

Dani said...

I'm part of the game now!

My ten is up as well...and I'm passing on the photo bug to as many peeps as possible.

Christy said...

My 10 ... well 13 is up and I really enjoyed this! will pass along and join again too!