Monday, May 24, 2010

An Interview with Casey

Ok, folks, get ready for another great interview! This week we're talking with Casey, whose photography has been a constant source of inspiration to us ever since she began sharing her photos on her blog.

Casey's style will draw you in immediately--this gal defines "capturing beauty in the every day moments." We hope you will enjoy her responses, and be encouraged to grab your cameras this week!

Kristen: What is your name, age, and location?

Casey: Casey Visser, 26, Grand Rapids, Michigan

K: How long have you been participating in the Ten on Ten photo project, and how did you first hear about it?

C: I've been doing it since the very beginning, but I have a love/hate relationship with blogging so I have had large stretches where I haven't posted anything. Naughty, I know.

K: What inspires you about the Ten on Ten project?

C: It's a completely original idea...and something I never would have thought to do otherwise. I snap photos of things I wouldn't normally give a second thought about. Also, I am always excited to see what everyone else has posted...that to me is inspiration!

K: What do you find yourself taking photos of when capturing your day for Ten on Ten?

C: Mostly? Food. Which I find kind of funny about myself....I think my dream job would probably be a food photographer for Martha Stewart. I also love to take pics of nature, such as flowers.

K: Do you have a favorite Ten on Ten set from the past year? Why is it a favorite?

C: I think my latest one for May is my favorite...I think each set I post up looks better than the last, so does that mean I'm getting better? I hope so. I'm my own worst critic.

K: Has this project influenced how you see your daily life in any way?

C: It reminds me to stop and breathe. To take a moment to appreciate. Life doesn't always have to be one big blur, in fact it's uplifting to stop and click your camera along the way.

K: Why might you encourage someone to participate in this project?

C: I think it's fun, and totally laid back. So what if you don't post 10 photos, or post a day late. And in the long run, I know I will be thankful to look back on my "days."

K: What does an average day look like for you?

C: Entertaining my wee one, while trying to get a bit of work done at the same time.

K: What does an ideal day look like for you?

C: A day spent at our very favorite place (Seabrook, WA), followed by an amazing meal...even better if I don't have to cook it myself!

K: Which photographers inspire you?

C: I recently discovered this blog: Enjoying the Small Things, and I adore her photography and words. Also, it was both MAV and Stephanie of 3191 (before there was a 3191, actually) that inspired me to even buy my for that I am truly thankful!


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and photos with us, Casey! It's been a treat!

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Rebekah said...

I am in love with these interviews Kristen!!!

Casey, your photography has always inspired me. Your eye for capturing beauty is gorgeous and your style is truly to die for. I had no idea that your dream job would be to photograph food for Martha, I could totally see that in your future! Thanks for your constant support and love of this project it makes it so much fun!


Casey said...

Thank you for the opportunity ladies, I continue to be so thankful for your friendship! :) Excited to see where this year takes us all....

Jenny said...

I always love casey's photos and am so glad her blogging is back ON!

You NEED to be a food photographer...I want to eat your photos Casey!!!