Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my may faves

Thanks to everyone who participated this month. It is so fun to sit down (with a cup of tea!) and get around to the different blogs...to find inspiration through how you all capture the moments of your days! (If you would like to be added to the list of participants/contributors on the sidebar, just leave a comment with your name and blog address, and you'll be added to the list.)

This month, I thought I would include a handful of links to some of my favorite captures from this month's Ten on Ten.

By Casey

By Stacy

By Jenny

By Rebekah

By Rachel

By Dani

By Shauna

By Lindsay

By Krysta

By Amanda

Thanks again for sharing your photos! And be sure to catch Rebekah's post here if you missed it!

See you next month!


Alysha (Supermom) said...

Hi! I am already on the list but right now it is still hyperlinked to my old blog. I would love it if you changed it please.

I am Alysha and my new blog is

www.grayphotographyincolor.blogspot.com is no longer where I post my 10 on 10 photos.

Thanks :)

Casey said...

Wow all of these pics are lovely separately and together! :) Thanks for putting mine up there Kristen!

And I think I have the same old link problem for me...could you update it to littlecaseyv.blogspot.com?

Krysta said...

I am HONORED to be on the list :) Thanks for checking out my photos and posting them for others to enjoy! Love this project!!!

Jenny said...

thank you for choosing one of mine...and it's an encouragement to me that you chose the granny square one because i really need to start cranking those out if i'm going to have it done by my 30th birthday!!