Thursday, July 8, 2010

capturing summer

I know some people may be sneaking away on little summer adventures this weekend, so I wanted to pop in here with a reminder: Don't forget your cameras! Ten on Ten is Saturday, folks! We're so excited to see summer through each of your lenses!

Here's a little inspiration from last July. Photographs by my talented sister-in-law, Jenny.

And remember, a linky will be set up here on the tenth. Please visit this blog after you post your Ten on Ten set to your blog, and then add your Ten on Ten post link to the list! Spread the word to your friends to join the fun! The linky will be open for one week following the tenth.

See you back here on Saturday! Happy photographing (and happy summer!!),



{Amy} said...

thanks for the reminder kristen! how is it already almost the 10th?

Kari said...

Kristen, next time you visit, I need a lesson on making awesome photo blog headers. I assume you did the new ten on ten one? (or was it rebekah?)

Maybe you should do a tutorial on your blog. :)

Kristen said...

hi amy! i know this past month flew by for me too. looking forward to seeing your set this month!

kari: for the banners i just drag the photos i want to use into Word, add text, adjust the zoom on the page to get the size i want and do a screenshot. super low tech, but it works for me! :)

Jenny said...

aw shucks ;)