Thursday, September 9, 2010


Don't forget! Ten on Ten :: September is tomorrow! We hope you are having a great September, saying a fond farewell to summer and embracing the entrance of fall. We're looking forward to seeing what that looks like in your world tomorrow! {Don't forget to charge your camera batteries and spread the word to friends who've wanted to join the fun!} I'll be back here tomorrow morning to set up the Linky; see you all tomorrow night!

Happy Photographing!
Kristen & Rebekah


Shauna said...

Thanks for the reminder. Here's hoping tomorrow is about documenting our daughters life outside the womb. ;) It will be her due date after all...a perfect day to come out of hiding!

PS - love, love, love that pic posted for the reminder!

Amanda @ My Everyday said...

Shauna - That would be an AMAZING ten on ten!! I can't wait to see if that happens!

Alita said...

I'm new to this and I'm looking forward to it, but there may be a few "this is what an ordinary SICK day looks like in our home." kind of photo series...

Miss Sew & So said...

this is my first one- am i am soo excited!

love that you just reminded us about the battery- i am going to charge mine after the next one again-just in case!

thanks for the reminder...but this month i was actually ready on the 9th!

melissa ...

caitlin! said...

i learned of your 10 on 10 through twitter and months ago carried it over into the tumblr world. i've been acting as host for this 10 on 10 for over 6 months now, and we have over 65 people who partake every month on the 10th!

i'm so so so so excited to finally find you guys, to thank you for your awesome, fun and neat little way to bring smiles and joy into our everyday lives. a way to look back and see the tiny documentation of our days!

thank you!
i always post a full list of participants on the 11th. i'm going to link you back to it, but in the meantime, find it here!

peace, love & teepees!