Monday, November 1, 2010


Kristen on left :: Rebekah on right

yesterday we hosted a large party at our house to celebrate my second sons third birthday. I think in retrospect it might have been a little bit too much considering we have a 16 day old baby who was born several weeks early. by the end of the evening I was so tired and clearly coming down with something. I wasn't the only one and by the time I wanted to crawl under the covers and fall to sleep my baby was very sick. labored breathing, unable to breath through her nose. fussy and upset and basically up all night. this morning I looked outside, pouring down rain, messy messy house, sick all around and in my heart I knew that the first day of this challenge was going to be just that for me - a challenge.

I truly believe with all my heart that no matter what you can always find blessings woven through life if you look for them. I mean the first ten on ten actually happened simultaneously with my dear grandmothers death. I look back on that first set and see so much beauty and life even though that was a sad time. so today I had to search but I did find a gift in the dinner that had been prepared for us by Sarah, who drove a great distance to hand it to me in the pouring rain, give me a big hug and bless me with a warm meal to serve my family this evening. when Kristen sent me her photo it made me smile, a salad another representation of nourishment for the body on this cold blustery day. a gift.

I don't plan to write with each capture, but I wanted to note today and hope that even during this busy season we are all able to seek the gifts we have no matter the circumstance. looking forward to seeing your captures this Friday!



Anonymous said...

So nice. I hope you're feeling ok. Sick baby + sick Mommy = no fun! I'm glad you rose to the challenge. My oldest is now 12, and I can remember being soooo sick when he was about 2 weeks old. Hang in there!

Kara said...

Great pictures! I'll be uploading mine from yesterday & today tonight. Can't wait to see everybody's on Friday! :)