Thursday, November 18, 2010


Kristen on left :: Rebekah on right


The Bostroms said...

look at that sunny beach day!!!
do you girls coordinate your pictures? - they go soooo well together :)

Kristen said...

:) thank you so much, stacy.

rebekah and i don't coordinate or discuss our photos, and we haven't once since we started this project on the first. i simply email my photo for the day to rebekah, and she puts up the post! it is so fun to see connections that pop up between the daily images. this was one of my favorite aspects of the 3191 Mornings/Evenings projects, too: (scroll down to see a handful of MAV and Stephanie's diptychs).

i think more friends should participate in this kind of collaboration; it has been a wonderful exercise for us! and so fun to share it here. xo