Saturday, November 20, 2010


Kristen on left :: Rebekah on right


Jenny said...

what's kyle up to?

and are those ebelskivers? how are they prepared because that looks yummy!

Rebekah said...

I am curious to know what Kyle is up to, too!

and yes Jenny I made ebelskivers for breakfast. A family tradition I have a special cast iron pan that my Mom gave me many Christmases ago. The boys love that they are little bite size treats!

Kristen said...

measuring for two new shelves for the boys' playroom. what a blessing indeed--to have such an amazing, skillful husband, and to have new, much-needed storage space for books & toys!

rebekah, your breakfast looks delicious! i've never heard of ebelskivers before. they do look like perfect little bites for kids (and adults alike)!

hope you both are enjoying the snow today! xoxo

Jenny said...

i have the pan too...but i always forget to use it and i've only made a chocolate version...gotta break that out again!