Friday, December 17, 2010

the beauty collective :: december 17th

Stacy on left :: Casey on right


Kristen said...

cheers to you both for another wonderful week of photos!!

i love these two photos side by side: blue for boy, pink for girl! ( i don't know if everyone realizes that you both have one child, these two cuties, who happen to be the exact same age!) one of the sweet things you two share in common.

sending love to you both and your families this weekend! xoxo, kristen

Kristen said...

("exact same age" = give or take a couple months) :)

Marci said...

This has been my first time commenting on any of these pictures but I just wanted Stacy and Casey to know that I have been thoroughly enjoying the side-by-side photographs. They have been so lovely..I thank you for the insipiration and my eyes thank you for the beauty :)