Friday, December 31, 2010

the beauty collective :: december 31st

Stacy on left :: Casey on right

Today we are saying a fond farewell to Stacy and Casey, as today--the last day of December and 2010--marks their last photo collaboration for The Beauty Collective.

Through emails this past week, I asked Stacy and Casey to reflect on their experience participating in this project. My first question for them was, "What was your favorite day and why?" I also asked them if they would share a few words about the overall experience. Here is what these two sweet and talented ladies had to say:


"I would love to name a favorite from this project. I actually have two:

December 7 and December 10. December 7th because the day started with me having one of those "oh gosh, what am I going to possibly take a photo of today?" Since we had just put up our tree, I snapped a shot of my favorite ornament--the little Dutch girl in her blue dress. I thought it was one of my most boring shots yet, but when I saw it paired with Stacy's photo from the day, it couldn't have been more perfect.

I love December 10th's photo, because to me it just sort of showed the holiday season. Here both Stacy and I were getting ready for Christmas--wrapping presents and making peppermint treats. I love the way the colors popped out in this photo too.

And I will say as far as the project is concerned, I'm really glad that I was not only asked to do it, but that I said yes and followed through. I don't think I missed a single day. There were times when I felt like my photos were really mediocre, but when they were paired with Stacy's they always brought a smile to my face. I really couldn't have been paired with a better gal! There really is beauty in the everyday, no matter how your day is going. Look for it, and you will find it."


"My favorite photo is probably the one of Gavin painting pine cones with his shirt off and the lit Christmas tree faded in the background. I just love the San Diego feel of Christmas when the sun is warm and shining, but we make all the Christmas festivities happen anyways. I love that it captures our little warm home and simple little things we do together.

This was a challenging task - because sometimes I felt like there was nothing new to photograph that was unique or special in a quiet day. That is the best part of 10 on 10 and the project, so find, see, experience little beauties in every moment. Sometimes they are grand, other times the mundane. A wonderful opportunity to partner with Casey too and see how similar and different our little worlds are - across the country. Thanks for looking at my pictures and taking a glimpse into our little home, and world. Can't wait to see who is up next month!"


Thank you, Stacy and Casey, for treating us all to a month full of beauty! We will miss "seeing" you both in this space on a daily basis, but it is with joy that we celebrate your gifts and your completion of this near-daily project! You have inspired us all as you sought to capture something lovely each day to share with us. Thank you and cheers to you both!

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Jenny said...

loved the photos from these gals and i have to say that Casey's 2 favorites were mine as well!

I also love that these two live in different parts of the country...a nice juxtaposition.