Friday, December 3, 2010

the beauty collective :: december 3rd

Stacy on left :: Casey on right


Rebekah said...

loving this collection so far ladies - you are both so talented!!

Casey, I am totally crushing on your flour sifter soooo adorable I am sure whatever you were making turned out yum!

Stacy, can I please come and sip coffee with you at the beach today..oh that would fill me right up! miss you my dear!

Jenny said...

Ditto to what rebekah said...come on Stacy...we could get to know each other ;)

Kristen said...

love the photos and the comments here, too. :)
two of my favorites: coffee at the beach, and baking in a cozy home! looks like you both had some very nice moments today!

"see" you both on monday!! enjoy your weekends! xo

Casey said...

I really love Stacy's and the beach? Perfect way to start the weekend :)

And Rebekah, I got that sifter for $1.00 at an antique was love at first sight! :)

The Bostroms said...

just checking in - you girls are funny :)
someday soon we'll have a bigger house and you ALL can come :)