Friday, March 11, 2011

Ten on Ten :: March 2011

the march linky party is HERE for those of you trying to find it!!! thanks for participating!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ten on Ten:: March

Just a little reminder that tomorrow is Ten on Ten so don't forget to charge your camera batteries and head over HERE to join in the fun!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten on Ten :: February 2011

join in this months linky party HERE!!!

get those cameras ready!

It's that time again, the tenth is this Thursday. Here is your friendly reminder to charge those camera batteries and get ready for this months installment!

After much debate I have decided to move the linky party over onto my other blog: a bit of sunshine this month. With a new baby on board I am finding it increasingly hard to keep up with several blogs so until further notice I plan to move the Ten on Ten project back to my personal site!

I so hope that you will all follow me over there and link up this month - tell your friends, I am really looking forward to checking out your installments!

Happy photographing friends,

Friday, February 4, 2011

:: a special thank you ::

to a very very special woman.

Kristen has been a part of the Ten on Ten blog since the very beginning - she was one of the original contributors on the project back in 2008 and such a huge encouragement and support to me. She is my SIL in case you missed that and she has always done so much to lift up anything new I try and cheer me on. She is really good at cheering others on and SO inspiring too!

Last year she agreed to come aboard and start posting regularly while I finished out my third pregnancy and got settled at home with my now family of five. She started the interview series and of course the linky parties each month. The Beauty Collective was born too after an entire month spent Capturing Our Blessings together through the month of November. Much hard work on both of those projects by her hands! She has popped in and shared favorite photos and tips and encouraging words to so many of us and it seemed every time I went to update something or change something - boom she was right there one step ahead of me!

She has been a gift to me here in this space and I know to many of you but she herself is a busy Mommy of two young boys too. So it is time for her to take a step back again...but don't worry I have begged her to continue posting on occasion, she is really not going anywhere just refocusing some of her precious time and energy.

I wanted to to publicly thank Kristen for her amazing work on the Ten on Ten blog. Kristen you are truly a gift to my heart and have helped and inspired me more than ever with this project. Thank you for the countless hours you volunteered of your own personal time to be a part, we have ALL been so blessed by you!

I love you sweet sister and I know the collective group here is going to miss your beautiful contribution in this space!