Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy tenth everyone. Can you believe we have made it an entire year? This project has been so much fun and I have been blessed by all of you who have joined me in searching out the simple beauty in your day to day lives..there is so much beauty in your lives!

This month I am so very honored to be featuring the photos from one of my favorite blogs, Tales of a Crafty Mama. Andi, is such an inspiration to me, as a Mother, a Wife, an Artist, a woman of rich wisdom. I love your heart so much Andi and peeking into your world through your blog. I love your honest desire to constantly strive to be the best woman you can and still finding humor and light in the midst of the craziness of kids and running your home. Your photos are so beautiful and your family a treasure, thank you so much for letting me feature you this month!

So what happens now? I don't know, the holiday season and this busy time is so distracting. I think I will need to continue to reflect on this project and all that I have learned from it well into the new year. I am searching for the perfect way to display all my photos in my home, if you have any ideas please mention them here! I hope that you all know how grateful I am for you, how you have inspired me so! May you have the most blessed holiday season and joyful new year.
Merry Christmas Friends and Happy Photographing! xo

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