Wednesday, December 1, 2010

::Rachel's Round Up::

I am still getting around and peeking at some of the amazing photographs taken during the Capturing our Blessings project and could not help but share this a-mazing round up Rachel posted from the past month of seeking out the gifts in her life.

Rachel chose to add a single word to each photograph and at the end of the month was able to compile a list and really sit back and enjoy all the blessings she found each day. I am in love your entire set of photos and words Rachel and am totally blown away by your eye for capturing life. Such a wonderful spin on the project. Thank you so much for participating each day and for being such an inspiration!!

You can read Rachel's Ten on Ten interview here if you haven't gotten the chance. She is a truly beautiful girl inside and out!

And I am super excited about the new series, the Beauty Collective starting later on today! I can not wait to see what Stacy and Casey capture it is going to be a fun month ahead!!


Jenny said...

How did you make the photo collage? This alone is reason enough for me to want to capture memories each day...I want a gorgeous photo cube!!

I'm in!

Rachel said...

Oh wow, thank you so much! I am honored to be a part of such fun and meaningful photo projects. you guys are the best :)

and jenny, I used "Mosaic Maker" ( to make the collage. Kind of addicting when making "inspiration boards" too...