Tuesday, November 30, 2010

our new project :: the beauty collective

Stacy on left :: Casey on right

Hello, friends! What a joy this past month's photo project has been! Thank you for popping in here to see our photos and blessings this November! Rebekah and I had so much fun undertaking this collaboration that we thought perhaps some of our photographer friends might enjoy being invited to participate in a similar daily exercise, here for others to enjoy. I know I got excited at the thought of seeing a couple of my favorite photographers' work on a regular basis, documenting the month of December in their own unique ways.

The Beauty Collective was born (see the sidebar for our description of this project). Stacy and Casey graciously signed on to share their photos here not knowing who their partner would be, and each gal agreed to share a photo Monday through Friday through the end of December. We are thrilled to be sharing their work here starting tomorrow! And we are excited to see what they will capture in their days. With The Beauty Collective there is no specific theme, as there was with "Capturing Our Blessings," but perhaps we will see themes emerge as these women create their pairings each day. That's the fun of it!

Wishing you all the best as we revel in the joy of this special season!


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AndiMae said...

Last month ended up being a crazy month for me- I was not online very much + missed most of your lovely postings about your sweet blessings! I am really looking forward to this new project AND looking back over the photos you posted in November! Happy first day of December sweet friends!